The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality (ACS) Forum                      
A Forum for Scholarship and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment                      
Collected Abstracts of the First ACS Symposium (March 24-26, 2009)                      
Edited by Thomas Barrie and Julio Bermudez (Symposium Chairs)                      
1Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 6/1/2009.                      
Current Research, Practice and Teaching in ACS                      
Hermann, Heinrich On Teaching The Design of Poetically/Spiritually Charged Environments                      
Mead, Philip The Greek Asclepian Hospital and Its Archetypal Presences                      
Saloojee, Ozayr The Next Largest Thing: The Spatial Dimensions of Liturgy in Eliel Saarinen's Final Built Work, Christ Church Lutheran.                      
Senbel, Maged From the Life Spirit of Unbuilt Place to Spirit Enriching Built Space: Towards a Spirit Centric Urban Environment                      
Starkey, Bradley The Spiritual in Models of Thought and Models of Architecture: A Design-based Approach to Researching the Spiritual                      
Teal, Randy The Place of the Divinities                      
Ardalan, Nadar Phenomenal and Spiritual Sustainability                      
Tesar, Paul Habit, Habitation, and Spirituality                      
Winters, Dennis Regarding Sacred Landscapes and the Everyday Corollary                      
Truth, Beauty and Goodness Beyond the Obvious                      
Benedikt, Michael Truth, Beauty and Goodness Beyond the Obvious                      
Bermudez, Julio The Extraordinary in Architecture: Studying and Acknowledging the Reality of the Spiritual                      
Coates, Gary Evoking a Sense of the Sacred: Memory, Imagination and Meaning in Carl Nyren's                      
Padget, Steve Christopher Wren, Christian Cabala and the Tree of Life                      
ACS Workshop                      
A.T. Mann Sacred Symbolic Architecture – Time, Orientation and Meditation                      
The Sacred in Everyday Life and Its Consequences in Everyday Architecture                      
Tabb, Phil The Everyday Sacred of Serenbe Community                      
Mazumdar, Sanjoy & Mazumdar, Shampa Ordinary spaces and extraordinary sacredness: The Hindu festival of lights                      
Redfield, Wendy The Sacred in Everyday Pedagogy: Efforts to infuse architectural design pedagogy with                      
Siepl-Coates, Susanne Creating a Sense of the Sacred:The Palliative Care Unit at the University Hospital in Gšttingen, Germany.                      
Current Work on ACS in Research and Practice                      
Baek, Jim The Empty Cross of the Church of the Light: Between Buddhism and Christianity                      
Barrie, Tom The Architecture of The In-Between. The Mediating Roles of Sacred Places                      
Crosbie, Mike Greening God's House: Connections between Theology, Ecology, and Architecture                      
Jacks, Ben Sacred and Real: Instrumental and Transcendent Writing About Architecture and the Built Environment                      
Snyder, Alison Synagogue Redux or Continuum?                      
Paul, Vivian Ground-penetrating Radar Imaging at the Gothic Abbey Church of Valmagne, France                      
Habiger, Robert Essential Ingredients of a Church Design Process                      
Aravot, Iris Architectural Beauty in Light of the Symbolic Form Myth                      
Bender, Tom The Different Truths of a Sacred Culture, and Their Implications for Architecture                      
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