Location & Cost

The ACS 4 Symposium took place at two sites: Isla Mujeres (Sun 1 and Mon 2 April) and Chichen Itza (Tue 3 and Wed 4 April) — located in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

CHICHEN ITZA: “At the mouth of the well”  (in Yucatec Maya)
The ruins set in the plains of the Yucatan represent the Maya civilization that extended over several centuries, reaching its apex during the 9th Century (800 CE).  Constructed and arranged with great precision, the ruins, arranged in three complexes, are an appropriate pilgrimage setting in which contemplation, observation and discussion can take place.  Infused with mystery, ritual, time, cosmology,  Chichen Itza forms a confluence of experiences open to our own imaginations and spiritual quests. For more, follow these links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0kOyGZxKh4  (video)

ISLA MUJERES was once a sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility, reason, medicine, happiness and the moon; hence its Spanish name meaning Island of Women.  Removed from the heady tempo of Cancun, the island seems a perfect place with which to begin our pilgrimage. Beaches, small hotels, quaint restaurants provide a quiet environment suitable to the first Salon. For more information visit:


All activities occurred on location following the age-old tradition of "Salon". Given the mild nature of the Yucatan in Spring, we made maxium use of the situation holding ACS 4 conversations and workshops under open sky, by the sea, and at the ruins.

As in previous ACS symposia,we charged NO symposium registration. However, a US$ 100 fee was required from all participants to cover (1) the Cancun-Chichen Itza roundtrip bus ride and (2) some travel costs of ACS4 keynote speaker and sacred space expert on Mayan archhitecture, Professor Lindsay Jones.
Expenses participants had to consider were hotel accommodations (about $90/night in Isla Mujeres and $65/night in Chichen itza + taxes), Ferry and shuttle transportations from airport to Isla Mujeres (about $22) and entry ticket to the Chichen Itza ruins ($9

Before deciding to go, all attendees were asked to realize that they were NOT be in America or Western Europe and that our meeting was not a guided tour. Participants had to be sensitive to the local ways of conducting life and business. ACS 4 was a pilgrimage that demanded patience and understanding. However, it was precisely because we were not in total control, had much access to social media, cell phones or the internet, and because it was a different place with different people, language and customs that we chose to go. ACS 4 asked attendees to be open to something new and potentially sacred. We reminded ourselves: we only get what we honestly give.