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Collected Abstracts of the Fourth ACS Symposium (April 1-5, 2012)
Edited by Julio Bermudez and Robert Hermanson (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 5/8/2012.
Keynote Lecture
Lindsay Jones Narrating Chichen Itza: A Modest Contribution to the History of Ideas -- and Storytelling -- about the City of the Sacred Well
Discussion Papers
1 - Rumiko Handa Learning from the Ruins:Theorizing the Performance of the Imcomplete, Imperfect and Impermanent
2 - James Bassett Constucting the Mean
3 - Julio Bermudez Usus in Praesens — Drawing as a Meditation Practice for Being Present through Architecture
4 - Thomas Barrie House of Death: Symbolic,Mediating and Transient roles of Funerary Architecture
5 - Kevin Ladd & Brenna Costello Structuring Spirited Spaces: The Roles of Intuition and Data
6 - Robert Hermanson Ruins: Contemporary Conversations
1 - Dennis Winter Creating Centres of Cosmology with Stone and Sand (at the Beach, in Isla Mujeres)
2 - Julio Bermudez Sketching at the Ruins, Chichen Itza (see above)
3 - Michael Crosbie Writing about Chichen Itza, Writing about Ourselves (at the Ruins, Chichen Itza)
4 - Katherine Ambroziak Two Stones: A Nonce Ritual of Juxtaposed Cultures (Outside the Ruins in Chichen Itza)
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