The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality (ACS) Forum
A Forum for Scholarship and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment
Collected Abstracts of the Sixth ACS Symposium (June 5-8, 2014)
Edited by Robert Chiotti, David Pereyra & Dennis Winters (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent blind peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 6/2/2014.
Symposium Topic: The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting
1 - Jill E. Bambury The Church in the Hyperghetto: The Architecture of African American Churches in New Orleans
2 - Tom Bender Lessons from the Osun Shrine, Nigeria
3 - Elie Harfouche Building Towers of Babel in BeirutÕs Central District
4 - Prem Chandavarkar The Ayodhya Conflict: Exploring Intra-Faith Diversity As A Source For Inter-Faith Unity
Identity (I)
1 - Ali Ahmed & Sandra Cooke Recovering the Landscape of the Credit Indian Mission: A Spiritual Journey of the Mississauga First Nation
2 - Trent Smith A Native Identity Crisis: A Look at the Navajo Nation and its Disappearing Architectural Identity
3 - Jacqueline Failer Seeking the Spiritual Self within the Interior Environment: Analyzing the Work of Heidegger to Define the Human-Object Relationship
4 - Michelangelo Sabatino Architecture and Spirituality in New Harmony
1 - Mark Baechler Abrahamic Architecture
2 - Claudia Castellano de Menezes, Ethel Pinheiro Santana & Cristiane Rose de Siqueira Duarte Between Orum and Ay: Where is This Place? Ambiances and the Symbolic Potential of African-Brazilian Rituals.
3 - Suzanne Bott The Role of Architectural Monuments, Design, and Nature in Foregiveness and Healing in Postwar Multicultural Communities.
4 - Anat Geva An Architect Asks For Forgiveness: Philip JohnsonÕs Port Chester Synagogue
Identity (II)
1 - Yiogos Hadjichristou Living Along the Dead Zone
2. Lena Sidorova A Sakha temple in a Siberian city: to establish a new identity in an urban landscape
3 - Azizi Bahauddin & Safial Aqbar Zakaria The Interpretation of Light in the Exhibition Design Context – the Malay Cultural Perspectives
1 - Lindsay Jones Pilgrimage, Multiculturalism and Stewardship at the Earthworks of Newark, Ohio: Ancient Models and Future Prospects
2 - Tammy Gaber Beyond the Divide: WomenÕs Spaces in Canadian Mosques
3 - Michael J. Crosbie Multifaith Centres as Settings for Multicultural Dialogue
4 - Luigi Bartolomei The New Italian Way of Death. Consequences on spaces for funeral rituals of secularization and emerging multi-faith society.
Open Topic
1- Julio Bermudez & Sandra Navarrete Culture, Nature and Spirituality in the Architecture of Wine. A Phenomenological Study of the Salentein Winery in Mendoza, Argentina
2 - Karla Britton Transcending the Real: Cultural Inflections of Canadian Sacred Architecture
3 - Phillip Tabb Celestial Moments in Architecture: the StarHouse
4 - Tom Barrie Materializing the Immaterial: The Ontological Orientations and Agendas of Two Houses
Special Lectures
1 - Nader Ardalan, Julio Bermudez, Prem Chandavarkar, Alison Snyder & Phillip Tabb Transcendent Architecture. A Pilot Study of Works, Conditions & Practices
2 - Roberto Chiotti Imagining a World Centre for Inter-Spirituality and ecology: Reclaiming a Theology of Awe and Wonder
3 - David Pereyra Developing a Contemporary Church Identity in a Multicultural Setting
4 - Bindu Mehra The State of Origin: Reel and Imagined
5 - Alberto Perez-Gomez ACS 6 Keynote: Le Corbusier's Monastery of La Tourette and the Hermeneutic Imagination
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