The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality (ACS) Forum
A Forum for Scholarship and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment
Collected Abstracts of the Seventh ACS Symposium (June 18-21, 2015)
Edited by Julio Bermudez, Norman Crowe and Paul Tesar (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 5/25/2015.
General Topic: Nature and the Ordinary: Sacred Foundations of Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality
1. The Spirituality of Rooted Culture
Nader Ardalan Mud and Mirror
Linda Berry ‘O ka Wai ka ‘Ipuka I ka ‘Uhane: Water as Doorway to Spirit
Hyejung Chang Community as Virtue: Returning to our Native Spirit
2. The Spirituality of Landscape Viewed Through the Lens of Art
Rebecca Krinke The Lightning Field: Experiences in a Ritualized Landscape - Investigating a Contemporary Landscape of Contemplation
Dennis Winters Georgia O’Keefe and Spirituality of the Sexually Charged Landscape
Katherine Bambrick Ambroziak Environments of the Found Object: Revealing Value through a Process of Seeking and Making
3. Spirituality in Architectural Experience
Anat Geva Nature as the Spiritual Foundation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Sacred Architecture: Earth, Sky, Light, and Water
Lindy Weston Gothic Architecture and the Liturgy of Construction
Karla Britton The River and The Point: Case Studies in Secular Spirituality
4. Body, Time, and Movement in Relation to Spirituality
Brandon Ro Sacred Time as One Eternal Round: Understanding the Chiastic Pattern of Temple, Cosmos, History
Jody Rosenblatt Heidegger’s Path
Galen Cranz The Body As a Site of Spiritual Practice: Can Architecture Help?
5. Sources of Place and Spirituality
Tom Bender Life-Force Energy: The Sacred Root of Place, Architecture, and Community
Elizabeth Devereaux Spiritual and Artistic Inspiration of Nature
Chelsea Rushton Motherland: Making Space for the Sacred, Creating Sacred Space
6. The Aural in Sacred Space
Mark Baechler & Tammy Gaber The Voice of Abraham’s House
Trent Smith Enhancing Contemporary Acapella and Sacred Harp Worship: Variations on Spatial Arrangement and Hierarchy
7. Quotidian Environments and the Sacred
Michael Crosbie & Suzanne Bott Discovering The Sacred Within the Quotidian: The Role Of ‘Spirit Of Place’ in Creating Sacred Environments
Christopher Domin Judith Chafee: Art and Daily Life
Jill E. Bambury The Sacred in the Street; Care Giving and Community Building as Everyday Spiritual Practice
8. Environment and Spirituality as Reflected in the Written Word
Ben Jacks Sacred and Real: Instrumental and Transcendent Writing About Architecture and the Built Environment
Thomas Barrie Modernism and the Domestic: Theoretical and Ideological Explorations and Expressions
Clive Knights The Crisis of Expectations: Recovering the Figurative in Architecture
Keynote Lectures
Norman Crowe Science, Spirituality and Nature: A View from New Mexico
Rina Swentzell Being in Place: Architecture and Spirituality in the Pueblo World
Eliana Bormida & Eduardo Vega Connecting Man, Culture And Nature: Wine Landscape And Architecture In Mendoza, Argentina
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