U t o p i a, . A r c h i t e c t u r e, & .S p i r i t u a l i t y

Format & Themes

“The futile, petty disputes between men and nations, about matters of no real interest to the well-being of society, would cease, a new spirit of equity, justice, charity, and kindness, would be created, and pervade the population of the world."
Robert Owen, The Book of the New Moral World (1844)

Symposium Topic Sessions
These thematic sessions offered participants an opportunity to explore the role that utopian thought and action has played in shaping architecture, the built environment, culture, politics, and spirituality across time and space, and to speculate on how utopian ideas and ideals can continue to inspire design from the micro to the macro scale. Together we explored the implications of Utopia, Architecture, and Spirituality with both contemporary and historic perspectives in order to generate a varied and broad discussion.

Athought specific thematics sessions (within the Symposium Topic) were labeled according to the accepted proposals, a list of possible themes were provided in order to advance the conversations even further: New World vs Old World Utopias; Utopian Design; Urban vs Rural Utopias; Utopia and Architecture; Religious vs Secular Utopias; Utopia and Agriculture; Spirituality, Nature and Landscape; Writing Utopia; Modern Architecture and Spirituality; Architecture, Science and Faith; Green Utopia; Digital Utopias; Utopia and Craft; Preservation and Tourism.

Open Sessions
As in prior ACS Symposia, proposals that considered issues outside this particular Symposium Topic but still relevant to ACS concerns, were welcome and, if accepted in the peer-review process, included in a specially created session.