The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum (ACSF)
A Forum for Scholarship, Practice, and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment
Collected Abstracts of the Eighth ACS Symposium (June 23-26, 2016)
Edited by Ben Jacks & Michelangelo Sabatino (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 06/07/2016
General Topic: Utopia, Architecture, and Spirituality
Session 1: Places of Worship
Rebecca Pressimone Exploring Nineteenth Century Church Architecture in Saint Louis, Missouri: 1870-1900
Sarah Angne Disneyland or Holyland? The Crystal Cathedral, an Architectural Wonder
Tammy Gaber The First Mosque in Canada, Al Rashid, A Utopia of Place and Community Engagement
Session 2: Spirituality, Nature, and Landscape
Roberto Chiotti Finding Our Way ‘Back to the Garden’ Implications for Designers and Educators in the 21st Century
Dennis Alan Winters Utopia as Heaven from The Twilight Zone to the Buddha Fields
Session 3: Utopia and Architecture 1
Thomas Barrie Domestic Utopias: the 18th Century English Anglican Evangelical Movement and the Birth of the Suburb
Janet White The Oneida Community: Spirituality and Architecture in a Bible Communist Utopia
Timothy Parker & Margaret Grubiak Landscapes of Religious Pluralism: Understanding Difference and the Common Good
Session 4: Utopia and Architecture 2
John Alexander Inventing the Tridentine Utopia: Two Sixteenth-Century Urban Projects in the Duchy of Milan
Julian Norman-Webb Building Utopias
Tracey Eve Winton Traversing the Threshold: Ornament and Liminality in Balinese Architecture
Session 5: Green Utopia
Nader Ardalan The Quest for a Spiritually Inspired, Holistically Sustainable Habitat: Nuran- The City of Illumination, Isfahan
Ming Hu Is the eco-district a new model of Utopia? Examining sustainable development through the lenses of Utopia
Phillip James Tabb Rural URBAN Eutopias: Compresent Unity of Opposites
Session 6: Writing + Drawing Utopia
Lindsay Jones Locative versus Utopian: Two Competing Approaches to Sacred Space
Mark Baechler Abrahamic Mythological Universe
Alireza Karbasioun Re-Launching History: Utopia and Spirituality from Carceri to Junkspace and Beyond
Session 7: Design Pedagogies
Mikesch Muecke The Aurelian Wall as An Existential Place and as Utopian Projection
Clive Knights Uninvited Guests: Digesting the Unfathomable Implications of Multiple Horizons
Ben Jacks The Institute for Food: a University Small Farm Living/Learning Community as Transformative Idea and Utopian Ideal
Session 8: Utopian Visions
Norman Crowe The Environmental Movement and Utopian Visions of the City of the Future
Michael Crosbie & Theodore Sawruk Playing the Starring Role of Utopia/Dystopia: Architecture in Film
Session 9: Utopia and Architecture 3
Prem Chandavarkar The Utopia of the Everyday
Wendy Redfield Peter Zumthor’s Beautiful Silence
Julio Bermudez Utopia: A Phenomenological Critique with an Architectural Promise
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