The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum (ACSF)
A Forum for Scholarship, Practice, and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment
Collected Abstracts of the Ninth ACS Symposium (May 14-18, 2017)
Edited by Ben Jacks, Rebecca Krinke, and Mikesch Muecke (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent blind-peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 05/08/2017
General Topic: Practice, Craft, Materials, and Making
Paper session 1: Tradition and Modernity
Norman Crowe Learning from Pre-Industrial Craft: Transcendence and Meaning in the Production of Practical Artifacts
Debbie Loo & Jun Jie Woo Beyond Utility and Glamour: the ‘little way’ of traditional crafts in Global City Singapore
Prem Chandavarkar On Craft and Design Practice
Paper session 2: Bridging Worlds
Ruthan Lewis Crafting the Space Explorers’ Long Duration, Deep Space Habitat
Robert Dermody Deer Isle Bridge: How a work of engineering infrastructure changed the life and landscape of a Maine island
Project session 1: Pedagogical Approaches
Elizabeth Swanson The Space Between
Travis Bell Home Economy: Designing Multi-Family Dwellings for the Practice and Craft of Living
Phoebe Crisman Creating Contemplative Spaces: An Urban Cistercian Monastery
Lucca Townsend Cemetery in the City
Paper session 3: The Art of Making
Michael Muecke Cinematic Craft of Life: Architecture, Music, and Spirituality in Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Ingrid Strong Reflections on Teaching 'Making'
Clive Knights & Travis Bell Making it versus constructing it - Architecture as craft or technique: An interlocution between a couple of handymen
Paper session 4: Contemplation as Studio Practice
Mark Baechler and Mary Griep Contemplation as Studio Practice
Paper session 5: Sacred Art and Architecture
Susie Coliver & Amy Reichert Visual Midrash: The Design of the Sacred in Judaism
Caitlin Watson Sensing the Sacred: Architecture and Truth in the Work of PŹre Marie-Alain Couturier
Anat Geva The Collaboration of Sacred Architecture and Art in Modern American Synagogues
Project session 2: Ritual and Memory
Ben Jacks Atmospheres and Images: a House on Deer Isle
Katherine Ambroziak Cardinal Points: A Crafting of Memory in Installation Design
Sanda Iliescu Contemplation and the Everyday: A Mural in a Public Bathroom
Michael Nicholas-Schmidt Oratory of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
Georgia Saxelby The Art of Ritual / The Ritual of Art
Paper session 6: Is there an Ordinary Landscape?
Hyejung Chang Craftsmanship and Ordinary Landscape: Crafting Normality, Cultivating Morality
Amita Sinha Ghats on the Ganga in Varanasi: The making of vernacular landscape
Thomas Barrie Taoist Mountain Temples: Complimentary, Conflicting, and Congruent Aspects of Sacred Mountains
Paper session 7: Sacred American Spaces
Linda Reeder Creating Space for a Spiritual Experience: Mary Colter’s Indian Watchtower at the Grand Canyon
Shauna Lee Lange Rise of the Pop-ups: Makeshift Worship Placemaking in a Temporary and Uncertain World
Margaret Grubiak Making Fun of Faith: The Satire of American Sacred Space
Project session 3: Design for Spirit
Lorena Checa The Making of a Tree House: Inviting Transcendence by Design
Rebecca Krinke The Dakota Language Table
Dennis Allan Winters Making a Garden for Meditation
Tammy Gaber Room Sometimes wIth a View: Collage as a Mode of Examination of Gendered Spaces
Paper session 8: Building Qualities
Tammy Gaber, Safira Lakhani, & Jessica Lam An Argument of Craft for Prayer: A Contemporary Mosque Design in Northern Canada
Michael Crosbie & Rebeccah Tuscano-Moss Construction as Prayer: The Making of the Sukkah
Julio Bermudez & Sandra Navarrete Tectonics and Spirituality in Brutalist Architecture: Phenomenological Reflections
Phoebe Crisman & Sanda Iliescu Leaves of Grass: A Contemplative and Participatory Drawing Workshop
Michael Karassowitsch Experiencing the Relationship of Spiritual Practice and Architectural Practice: Toward Craft of Preparing Loci for Presencing Architecture
William Tripp Drawing Workshop
Jeff Dardozzi & Gary Smith Shifting Centers – Changing Worlds: Do We Need Theory to Ride a Bicycle?
Clive Knights Always fully present, never fully revealed: Coaxing figures from the dark
Three Keynote Talks and a Performance:
Lindsay Jones Architectural Pedimentos: Crafting Petitions for a Better Life in Southern Mexico
Daniel Johnston A Life Apprenticed to a Pottery Tradition
Bradford C. Grant Design is an Act of Love: Contemplative Practices in Design Education
Annie Finch w/ special guests, Church of the Morning After Calling in the Spirit of Place with Poetry and Ritual
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