The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality (ACS) Forum
A Forum for Scholarship and Discussion of Spirituality and Meaning in the Built Environment
Collected Abstracts of the Third ACS Symposium (June 29-July 1, 2011)
Edited by Julio Bermudez and Phillip Tabb (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 6/4/2011.
Reflections on ACS
1 - Prem Chandavarkar Toward an Aesthetic of Wonder
2 - Dennis Winters Journey to Bodhgaya: Garden of the Enlightenment
3 - Rumiko Handa Sen no Rikyu and the Japanese Aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: Toward an Architecture That Promotes the User Imagination
4 - Roberto Chiotti Towards a Functional Cosmology: Implications for Re-imagining the Sacred
5 - Normal Crowe Sacred Ruins: When Ordinary Things Become Sacred
The Nature of the Sacred: Looking for Home, Longing for Heaven
1 - A T Mann Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold between Worlds
2 - Bob Hermanson The Contemporary Sublime: Liminal Oscillations
3 - Hyejung Chang Agro-philia -The Enchantment of the Primitive, the Sacred
4 - Margarida Pedroso de Lima and Nuno Martins The relationship between spirituality, architecture and landscape: the case of Walden & Thoureau and Sidharta & Hesse
5 - Paul Tesar Buber on Art (and Architecture)
Expressions of ACS
1 - M Charles Bernstein The Search for Architecture of Presence
2 - Snežana Litvinović A Space to Die In
3 - Katherine Ambroziak Surrogate Stones: The Development of Nonce Ritual in Odd Fellows Cemetery
4 - Carolyn Prorok Sacralizing the Diasporic Hindu Home: Ritualized Spaces for Life
5 - Karen Mulder Kenosis as Spiritual Content: Transparency versus “Visual Cacophony” on Sacred German Sites
6 - Anat Geva Light, Stone And Mountains: Mario Botta’s Churches In Ticino, Switzerland
Making the Spirit an Earthly Home
1 - Martin Bacich Sanctified space; The Benedictine path, and the new realities of lay catholic communities at work in the world
2 - Nancy Alexander "The Ultimate within the Midst of Life”: A Theory of Women’s Sacred Space
3 - Tom Barrie Sacred Domesticities: The Ontology of Home
4 - James F Williamson A World within a World: The Design of a Campus Interfaith Chapel
Between Quality and Quantity
1 - Julio Bermudez Outcomes of The Architectural Extraordinary: An Empirical Study
2 - Gary Coates Beyond Modernism: “Perfect Abstraction” in Adi Da Samraj’s Orpheus and Linead Suites
3 - Erling Hope Pattern at Play:Material Hymnody and the Orchestration of Liturgical Space
4 - Bo Zhang Why Sustainability Keeps A Distance From Spirituality? The Technicalization Of Environmentalism And The Lost Of Ideology
5 - Mark L. Johnson Green Infrastructure and the Spirit of Place
6 - Dennis Paoletti What’s so special (Acoustically) about a Cathedral?
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