Submission Information


Interested individuals are invited to submit proposals of 500 to 1,000 words for either the SYMPOSIUM TOPIC or an OPEN SESSION. Proposals may be submitted in one of two categories: Paper or Practice/Research Project. Authors should indicate the category under which their proposal should be considered.

Paper: These will be presented in a series of 90-minute themed paper sessions organized by the symposium chairs. For example, three people could each present 20-minute papers and have a 30-minute discussion or Q&A.

Practice/Research Project: Makers and teachers are invited to show professional or pedagogical/research work that has architecture as a focus (and its broader meaning of built works of the environment, including landscape architecture and public art). Presenters are scheduled for a 10/15-minute talk/presentation and will provide visual materials that will be published on the ACSF website.

Submitters should indicate the category (Paper or Practice/Research Project) in which their proposal should be considered. A Paper proposal should be treated like an expanded abstract and include: a summary statement; topic; scope, method, case-study(ies) if appropriate, intended conclusions/outcomes, and up to 5 images. Only one submission per individual will be accepted. A Practice/Research Project proposal should include three images and 250-500 words providing important background information and an indication of the project’s main ideas, intentions, purposes, theories, etc.


Given the logistics of ACSF 13, we forsee accepting up to 27 proposals for papers or projects.


Proposals are due January 15, 2023 (Sunday)


We will follow criteria of relevancy, argumentation, logic, quality, novelty, and relation to the ACSF 11 topic (or open session if stated). Proposals addressing historical, theoretical, professional, or other concerns that do not clearly respond to how culture and spirituality in particular relate to the built environment (see definitions in ACSF website) will be rejected.


All proposals should be sent as an attached PDF document. If images are embedded in the document, make sure the attached document does NOT exceed 5 MB. Clearly specify the category under which your proposal should be evaluated (Paper or Practice/Research Project) and whether it follows the Symposium TOPIC (“New Patterns of Communion”) or is intended for an OPEN session. Submissions should be made to:

IMPORTANT: All references to the author should be removed from the submission in order to guarantee strict blind-peer review. Upon receiving the submission, the author will be provided with a key number to identify their proposal.

We will follow criteria of relevancy, argumentation, logic, quality, novelty, and relation to the ACSF 13 topic (or OPEN session, if stated). The selection of all proposals will follow a strict blind peer-review process with at least three ACSF scholars/professionals considering each submission. Their individual recommendations will be sent and reviewed by the ACSF 13 Symposium chairs who will make the final determination regarding accepting or rejecting a proposal. The Symposium chairs' decision is final. Chosen proposals will be electronically published on the symposium website before the symposium starts. Contact ACSF 13 co-chair Michael J. Crosbie ( if you have questions.


ACSF 13 Website and Call for Proposals go public: September 30, 2022

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023 (Sunday)

Blind Peer Review Process: January 25 - February 25, 2023

Feedback to authors (approval/rejection): March 11, 2023

Deadline to confirm author participation: March 25, 2023

Room Reservation deadline for Authors (payment due):
April 1, 2023 — Full information will be delivered along with March 15th feedback.
(after April 15th, rooms will be open to non-author attendees)

Submission of revised proposal for online publication: May 1, 2023

Final symposium scheduling + e-publication available : May 15, 2023

Symposium starts: May 31, 2023