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Collected Abstracts of the Thirteenth ACSF Symposium (May 31-June 4, 2023)
Edited by Michael J. Crosbie, Roberto Chiotti, and Trent Smith (Symposium Chairs)
Note: all submissions to the symposium underwent blind-peer review by at least 3 readers. Archived 05/09/2023
Symposium Theme: New Patterns of Communion
Paper Session 1: Sanctuaries and Refuges (moderator: Caitlin Watson)
Michael J. Crosbie From Heavenly Garden to COVID Haven: The Rural Cemetery as Bucolic Refuge
Samuel Holleran Letters, Lines, and Lasers: Photo-Engraved Monuments, Memory, and Image Moderation
Annette Homann Sanctuaries in Core and Conjunction 
Project Session 1: Teaching and Building (moderator: Jill Bambury)
Isabel Potworowski Sacred Space | Sacred Place: Pedagogical Reflections
Clive Knights Community and the Potential of the Restorative Fragment
Sanda Iliescu The Intertwining of the Sacred and the Secular
Jeff Dardozzi Mapping Theodicy: Building Through COVID
Project Session 2: Shared Space, Sacred and Profane (moderator: Trent Smith)
Nesrine Mansour Surreal Transcendence: Exploration of The Sacred and Profane through Artificial Intelligence 
Anna Mette Exner Connected
Anthony N. Monica Transforming a University Covid Clinic into a Flexible Space for Cross-Disciplinary Communion & Spiritual Renewal
Lucca Townsend Parkitecture: Sculpting spaces for shared experience within urban landscapes
Maria Bottiglieri The “Right to Adequate food” as a Driver of Inter-cultural and inter-Religious Use of Public Space: The Experience of Turin Open-City Before and After the Pandemic
Mark Pierson "Tea and Be": Pop-Up Built Environments for Curated Tea Rituals that Encourage Human Connection and Flourishing
Paper Session 2: Communion: The Civic Dimension (moderator: Natalie Ellis)
Miriam Gusevich Communion, Community, and the Commons:  Reflections on the Public Domain 
Alison B. Snyder Does the Urban Street Provide a Space for Spiritual Meandering?
Joshua Zinder Leveraging Design and Architecture for Social Change Through Faith-Oriented Large-Scale Community Events
Paper Session 3: Communion Through Community (moderator: Sanda Illescu) 
Jill Bambury Preaching as Communion: The Power of the Sermon in the Black Churches of New Orleans
Pushpinder Walia From Community Kitchen to Oxygen Langar… (Re)Discovering New Patterns of Communion in the Spiritual Legacy & Architecture of the Golden Temple
Allen Pierce After the Hand: The Growing Autonomy of Self-Expression in a Post-Craft World
Paper Session 4: Sacred Heritage, Sacred Legacy (moderator: Julio Bermudez) 
Andrea Longhi Redundant religious heritage: from burdensome legacy to plentiful resource
Amita Sinha Upasana Griha, Shantiniketan, India: A Spiritual Sanctuary
Reza Assasi Mithraic Influence on Early Christian Symbolism and Church Architecture
Paper Session 5: Spiritual Space and Beyond (moderator: Nader Ardalan)
Dennis Alan Winters Meditations on the Spiritual Nature of Space  
Kyle Dugdale False Communion: Misappropriation of the Sacred
Elizabeth Danze External Destruction And Internal Chaos To Psychological And Spiritual Redemption
William Green, Kim Grinfeder, and Denis Hector Sacred Space in the Metaverse
Paper Session 6: Balance, Contemplation, and Mindfulness (moderator: Nesrine Mansour) 
Yoko Kawai Missing Links in Designing Space for Mindfulness in Secular & Collective Settings: Time, Movements, Perceived Space, & Subject-Object Blurriness
Sarika Bajoria Bringing Contemplative Design Tools for Flourishing to Practicing Designers and Design Students
John A. Ferri Bridging the Connection
Paper Session 7: Ancient and Contemporary Appraisals (moderator: Tom Barrie) 
Stephane Gaulin-Brown Vitruvius’ Spiritual Perception of Matter
Julio Bermudez and Yoshio Nakamura Can We Use Empirical Means to Understand Sacred Architecture? A Neurophenomenological Approach
Julia W. Robinson Community Engagement & the Design Studio: Communion by Doing
Three Keynote Lectures
Sharon Prince Hidden In Plain Sight: Architecture and the Scourage of Modern-Day Slavery
Suchi Reddy Form Follows Feeling
Alberto Campo Baeza
(2023 ACSF Outstanding Achievement Awardee)
On Surrender and Universality
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