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Our Annual Symposium

We gather annually to share, discuss, and explore practices, pedagogies, and studies within the multifarious subject areas of architecture, culture and spirituality.

Structure & Spontaneity

Open sessions, scholarly presentations, and lively discussions. Free time, tours, and meditation. Our annual symposia are joyful events of shared passion for this field of study. 

Enjoy our archive of Symposia content below by clicking on any year’s card. 

Each year includes an archive of Published Works from ACSF Symposia (extended abstracts). Each symposium followed a strict peer-review process to select the best works from all the submissions received. The e-publication of the symposia proceedings represents ACSF’s commitment to the highest standards of scholarship in its subject areas.

You can also review videos of lectures, discussed topics, organizing committees, location details, and more.

Review Our Previous Years’ Symposia

ASCF 14: Resonance of the Past, Spirit of the Future

2024 Symposium

Kalyon Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey

June 5-9, 2024

See Details

ASCF 13: New Patterns of Communion

2023 Symposium

Thomas Berry Place

New York City, New York

May 31 - June 4, 2023

See Details

ACSF 12: Practices Towards a Future​

2022 Symposium


Bear Run, Pennsylvania

June 1–5, 2022

See Details

ASCF 11: Continuity in/of Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

2019 Symposium

Taliesin West

Scottsdale, Arizona

May 16–19, 2019

See Details

ASCF 10: Displacement and Architecture

2018 Symposium

Gables Art Museum and the University of Miami

Coral Gables, Florida

May 23–25, 2018

See Details

ASCF 9: Practice, Craft, Materials, and Making

2017 Symposium

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Deer Isle, Maine

May 14–18, 2017

See Details

ACSF 8: Utopia, Architecture, and Spirituality

2016 Symposium

Macleod Barn Abbey

New Harmony, Indiana

June 23-26, 2016

See Details

ASCF 7: Nature and the Ordinary: Sacred Foundations of Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

2015 Symposium

Ghost Ranch

New Mexico

June 18-21, 2015

See Details

ASCF 6: The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting

2014 Symposium

Trinity College in the University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

June 5-8, 2014

See Details

ACSF 5: Urbanism, Spirituality & Well Being

2013 Symposium

Glastonbury Abbey & Harvard Divinity School

Hingham & Cambridge, MA

June 6–9, 2013

See Details

ACSF 4: A Pilgrimage & Three Salons

2012 Symposium

Chichen Itza

Yucatan, Mexico

April 1–5, 2012

See Details

ACSF 3: Third Annual Symposium

2011 Symposium


Atlanta, GA

June 29 – July 1, 2011

See Details

ACSF 2: Second Annual Symposium

2010 Symposium

Abbey at Saint John’s University

Collegeville, Minnesota

June 17–19. 2010

See Details

ACSF 1: Inaugural Symposium

2009 Symposium

Mt. Angel Abbey Retreat House

St. Benedict, Oregon

March 24–26, 2009

See Details

Copyright Policy

The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum follows the First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) standard for accepted papers and presentations at ACSF symposia. The author/creator of the paper or presentation grants ACSF the right to be the first in North America to publish the material once (whether in electronic or print format) within one year of acceptance of the material by ACSF. After first publication, all copyright of the material then reverts back to the author/creator. For more, see:

Thank You To Our Peer Reviewers

The following individuals have served at least once (but most often two or three times) as peer reviewers for the blind-peer evaluations of extended abstracts for ACSF Symposia (2009-2018). Thank you to all for your service to ACSF.

Alison Snyder, Pratt Institute

Amita Singha, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Anat Geva, Texas A&M University

Antonio Petrov, University of Texas San Antonio

AT Mann

Ben Jacks, Miami University, Ohio

Brad Grant, Howard University

Brandon Ro, Lombard/Conrad Architects

Burak Erdim, NC State University

Clive Knights, Portland State University

David Pereyra, OCAD University

David Seamon, Kansas State University

Dennis Winters, Tales of the Earth

Francie Hankins, Mississippi State University

Gary Coates, Kansas State University

Heinrich Hermann, Rhode Island School of Design

Howard Davis, University of Oregon

Hyejung Chang, Clemson University

Jin Baek, Seoul University

Julio Bermudez, Catholic University of America

Karla Britton, Dine College

Katherine Ambroziak, University of Tennessee

Kristen Schaffer, NC State University

Lindsay Jones, Ohio State University Emeritus

Maged Senbel, University of British Columbia

Margaret Grubiak, Villanova University

Michael Benedikt, University of Texas, Austin

Michael Crosbie, University of Hartford

Michaelangelo Sabatino, Illinois Institute of Technology

Mikesch Muecke, Iowa State University

Nader Ardalan, Ardalan Associates

Patrick Quinn, Rensaelear University Emeritus

Paul Tesar, NC State University Emeritus

Philip Tabb, Texas A&M University Emeritus

Phillip Mead, University of Idaho

Phoebe Crissman, University of Virginia

Prem Chandavarkar, CnT Architects

Rachel McCann, Mississippi State University Emeritus

Randall Teal, University of Idaho

Rebecca Krinke, University of Minnesota

Robert Hermanson, University of Utah Emeritus

Roberto Chiotti, Larkin Architects

Rumiko Handa, University of Nebraska

Sanda Iliescu, University of Virginia

Steve Padget, University of Kansas

Susanne Siepl-Coates, Kansas State University

Suzanne Bott, University of Arizona

Tammy Gaber, Laurentian University

Timothy Parker, Norwich University

Tom Barrie, NC State University