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Can architecture
come together?
make the world better?

Can architecture helps us come together?

We are an international community of scholars & practitioners who explore the intersection of spirituality and the built environment.

We believe that the design and experience of the built environment can assist the spiritual development of humanity in service of addressing the world’s most pressing issues.

Ideas, News, and Insights

Hear from our community's leaders, who share leading-edge scholarship and practice.

Sacred Landscapes in China’s Multimedia Space: A Hermeneutic Investigation on Architectural Manifestations of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism in Modern Chinese Society
The imaginary spatial-topical system and semiotics that exemplify a collective sense of off-modern...

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In the Queen’s Footsteps: Evolution and Challenges of Architectural Education in Herat, Afghanistan

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Learning from Michiyuki: An Anthro-spatial-temporal Journey in Japanese Arts and Architecture

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Spiritual and Cultural Sustainability: Preserving Heritage in Antakya, Turkey, After the Earthquake

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Crafting Spiritually Transcendent Architecture: An Akbarian Perspective

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2024 Symposium

in Istanbul, Turkey

Announcement and Call for Participation.

Opportunities to Grow


We recognize and celebrate exceptional work in architecture, landscape architecture, art, design, urbanism, planning, and beyond.


We fund research on the meaning and significance of the built environment. We encourage applicants and proposals from a range of disciplines.


We offer Symposium Scholarships for individuals early in their careers who are committed to the study and/or practice in the design professions, in relation to culture and spirituality.