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Alberto Campo Baeza Wins the 2023 ACSF Award For Outstanding Achievement

Award-winning Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza, internationally known for his luminous, simple yet nuanced, and provocative architecture, is the winner of this year’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. For Campo Baeza the ultimate function of architecture is spiritual, something he passionately pursues with a philosophy of doing “more with less.” Most important to ACSF, his vision, heart, and intellect are devoted to the same ideals and intentions as ACSF. “His built work, writings, and teachings have helped countless architects and academics to perceive and appreciate the most fundamental and profound spiritual and cultural dimensions of architecture,” stated the ACSF Board of Directors in bestowing the award.

Campo Baeza’s architectural creations have received extensive, worldwide praise from architects and critics alike. The Houses Turégano and de Blas, both in Madrid, Gaspar House, Asencio House, and Guerrero House in Cádiz are some of his most memorable. The Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York, the House of the Infinitein Cádiz, and the public space Between Cathedrals in Cádiz are also noteworthy.

He is an accomplished thinker and writer about architecture as well. There are more than 30 editions of his booksLa Idea Construida (The Built Idea), Pensar con las manos (Thinking with your hands), and Principia Architectonica. In 2015 his book La Idea Construida was translated into English and Chinese. In 2016 his latest texts were published under the title Varia Architectonica, and the following year all his work was published in a single book, Complete Works, by Thames & Hudson.

A winner of many awards and prizes, in 2019 Campo Baeza captured one of the most prestigious: the Gold Medal for Spanish Architecture. The following year he received the National Prize for Architecture in Spain. Given since 1932 to architects such as Rafael Moneo, Alvaro Siza, and Santiago Calatrava, it is one of the highest honors anarchitect in Spain can receive. He was also elected as an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. To mark the ACSF award, Campo Baeza will deliver a lecture at ACSF’s 2023 symposium at Thomas Berry Place in New York in June (visit for more information on the event).

Members of ACSF believe that the design and experience of the built environment can assist the spiritualdevelopment of humanity in service of addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. The mission of theACSF is to provide an international forum for scholarship, education, practice, and advocacy regarding thecultural and spiritual significance of the built environment. More information about the ACSF and the Award canbe found at

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